Bun venit la Casa Lucretia!
Casa Lucretia, vara

Dear Traveler,

A place of magic "The Lucreţia House" waits for you in the heart of Bucovina in the shadow of the Carpathians. It is a house smothered in flowers and surrounded by a large garden where scented wild plants, lime, birch and fir trees toss their heads in the mountain breeze. We, Lucreţia Lucuţar, a teacher and Silvestru Lucuţar, MD, founded "The Lucreţia House" in 1998 and it became not only a charming unspoiled natural spot, but also a real gastronomic, cultural and spiritual haven.
Time and again this recreational place is visited by tourists from all over the world: Switzerland, Japan, the UK, Sweden, New Zeeland, Austria, Germany, Australia, the US, Israel, India and France. It was praised in the Independent, the Algemeen Dagblad, and it was used as a picturesque image in Journal de Roumanie (B. Camboulives).
It is also mentioned in the tourist guidebooks from Spain and France and it has received the Excellence Prize in Tourism for 2002, and the Golden Chrysanthemum Prize of Gastronomy for 2004. We, and our highly efficient staff, spare no effort in creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere for all guests.
Moreover, we offer excellent food following traditional recipes, which were passed on from generation to generation and which make use of healthy ingredients, either grown in the wild or biologically grown in special farms without the use of any chemical method.
Besides, a great variety of services are offered and we are happy to accommodate any special request regardless of the time of the day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or of the eating habits of the customers (vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, or mixed). One may chat or make friends with fellow tourists in our beautiful dining room on the flower-covered terrace, or in the breathtaking garden. At " The House of Lucreţia " one may rediscover the joys of childhood by playing with Beethoven, our Saint Bernard dog, with the white bunnies, or by admiring the peacocks. As a past time, one may stroll in the forest or enjoy horse riding; mountaineering up to the sheep farm, or play table tennis in our covered terrace. Tourists may admire the traditional art of dying and painting Easter eggs, or enjoy the traditional Romanian folk dances and the Chamber Male Chorus from Câmpulung Moldovenesc, which had sustained concerts even at the Vatican. The main attractions of the region are of course the world famous monasteries, representing our spiritual universe. (They are about 15-20 kilometers driving distance.)
Additional trips are available to the Cacica salt mines, with therapeutic qualities, or the National Reservation of European bisons of Târgu Neamţ . These are only some of the places which will undoubtedly linger on in your memory.
For those interested, we are happy to organize gliding, hunting parties, cross country skiing, rafting and camera hunting (fotosafari).
No matter which activities you may be interested in, we will assist you so that you can feel completely happy in the midst of nature and in the warm embrace of our house.
We are looking forward to your arrival in our world,

Lucreţia şi Silvestru Lucuţar.

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